Week in Review: July 22nd

Welcome to the Week in Review of July 22nd, where we highlight the top stories of the past week.

Nokia impatient with Microsoft

  • Nokia’s vice president is frustrated with the lack of certain apps people care about
  • “You can’t sell a phone without the apps, you just can’t”
  • He will be pressuring Microsoft to bring apps to WP

Head of WP responds to lack of major updates

  • Joe Belfiore said that Microsoft is trying to create more new devices, while also bringing new features to current users.
  • Claims that more features, in addition to FM radio are coming later this year.

“Other Storage”  fixed with GDR2

  • Joe Belfiore claims that the bug is fixed in the GDR2 update
  • However, a user’s Lumia 1020 (which already has GDR2) already has 2.6 GB of other storage. But this could be due to the phone saving a 34/38 MP shot of each picture. Time will tell if the issue is actually resolved!

Lumia 625 pricing and availability announced

  • Mid-range phone releasing in Q3 2013
  • Estimated retail price of 220 Euros
  • Will sell in China, Europe, Asia Pacific, India, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America

Lumia 1020 released and reviewed

  • Became available on July 26th on AT&T
  • Reviewers absolutely loved the incredible imaging capabilities
  • Negatives included general complaints about WP8