Week in Review: December 2nd



Windows Phone | Week in Review | December 2nd

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the past week!

File manager and improved SD card storage coming to 8.1?

  • Microsoft employee on the WP User Voice website marked file manager and ability to store apps on SD card as “completed”, saying that they’re now available in WP8, which currently is false.
  • The employee also marked GDR3 features like ability to close apps completed, which is correct.
  • Thus, the employee might have confused 8.1 features with GDR3 and accidentally marked some upcoming 8.1 features complete.
  • Microsoft has already uncompleted the requests in question.

Update 3 coming to Tesla Lumia’s in January

  • Tesla is waiting for Nokia to finish the “black” update
  • Hopes to have 520, 620, and 1020 running Nokia Black by January 2014
  • Update 3 brings ability to close apps, screen orientation lock, and more

Mint app released for WP8

  • Mint.com is an automated expenses/income tracking service that taps into your existing accounts and generates reports on your purchases.
  • Finally available for WP8 and Windows 8!

Windows Phone crosses 10% in EU

  • Now at 10.2%, while iOS dropped to 15.8% this quarter.
  • Android drastically dominates at 70.9%
  • It’s certainly a possibility to see Windows Phone take second place in a year!
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