Week in Review: December 16th



Windows Phone | Week in Review | December 16th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we highlight the top stories of the past week!

Notification center, Cortana confirmed for WP 8.1

  • Verge’s sources confirmed numerous features
  • Notification center by swiping from top, short swipe brings quick settings
  • Cortana for voice commands like Google Now
  • Separate volume controls, Bing Smart Search like Windows 8.1

Nokia Black update released for AT&T Lumia 1020

  • Camera improvements fix yellow tint issue
  • Enhanced Glance Screen with notifications

More than 200,000 apps in the Store

  • 12 million transactions per day

Xbox Music preview app released

  • This will probably be the default app in WP 8.1, just like Windows 8
  • Supports searching music, a few other new features
  • Lacks rating songs and has other issues

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