Week in Review: August 19th

Welcome to the Week in Review, where we recap the top stories of the past week.

Steve Ballmer resigning from Microsoft

  • Will resign within 12 months, after a successor is chosen
  • Reason for leaving is probably just retirement

Rumor: GDR3 might include notification manager

  • Apparently Nokia India is testing the update
  • Otherwise, notification manager won’t come till WP 8.1

6tag: Excellent new Instagram app with video support

  • Released this week, free (ad-supported) and paid version available
  • Elegant and quick interface, fully functional experience
  • Instagram themselves approved the app

New Facebook Beta adds picture messaging support

  • Can finally send/receive pictures
  • Also adds multiple pic upload, saving/sharing photos, inline tagging

Blackberry has an impressive number of spam apps

  • One developer has over 47,000 apps, nearly half of Blackberry’s 120,000 apps
  • The apps are mostly RSS feeds, eBooks, and other forms of spam apps