WeChat suspends Microsoft’s AI chatbot over policy violations

Back in 2014, Microsoft launched an AI chatbot called Xiaobing after the sad demise of Tay. The Xiaobing chatbot was better than Tay in terms of recognizing racism and had measures in place to make sure it doesn’t meet the same faith as Tay.

While the chatbot was better than Tay in many aspects, it did face issues and was suspended by the Chinese government for unpatriotic behaviour. Now, WeChat has suspended Xiaobing’s Official Account for not following the company’s policies. WeChat hasn’t given any reasons as to what policies were violated and whether the suspension is permanent.

At this moment, the users are getting a screen saying the account has been suspended by WeChat with no other information. Not only that, but the account has also disappeared from WeChat. We are reaching out to both Microsoft and WeChat for comments on the story and will update it accordingly.