Weave – Video App Review

This is a video app review of “Weave”, brought to you by the developer SelesGames.

Weave is a news reader that really stands out on Windows Phone 7. It features 33 pre-loaded categories of news, utilizing 180 pre-loaded news sources including CNN, Wall Street Journal, ESPN, Engadget, USA Today, and WMPOWERUSER!

You are able to manage which news categories appear on your starting screen. Once you have your favorite categories, you can browse each individual category if you like. The best option, however, is to Weave it! When you click the “All News” link, it will weave all your favorite categories into a news feed for you. Sidenote: WP7 News is an included category!

Browsing articles is speedy and intuitive. While viewing a snippet, you have several options. You can mark it as read, view the full article, email it, post it to your facebook wall, tweet it, send it to your Instapaper account, and open it into internet explorer.

Reading full articles is another shining spot for Weave. The “Mobilizer” feature views stories without all the website fluff that gets in the way. It’s perfectly formatted for your phone, and the pages load near-instantly. It truly makes reading a joy.

At the bottom of the first page gives you the settings menu. This is where you can manage your categories, create new ones, manage your feeds, find new ones, and view the support page.

Swiping to the left brings you “Featured News” in a Photo Tile gallery. Very slick looking.

Swiping to the left again brings you the “Tasks” page. This is the same as the settings page. The option to import from Google Reader is coming soon.



  • Slick appearance and super-fast performance while navigating within the app
  • The Mobilizer function works flawlessly, and really makes this the news reader to beat
  • Great configurability to your interests
  • Numerous options for sharing stories and saving them for later
  • Several recent updates have truly improved performance and features, showing us that the developer cares about this app


  • None

SCORE: 10/10

Update:  Some have stated that they don’t like the load time of the application.  The developer tweets that the startup counter will countdown from 5 instead of 9 on the upcoming update.


Weave ( $2.99 and available as a free trial )