Weave version 2.3 Released Today

Press Release: Since its launch in November, Weave has quickly become the standard-bearer for excellent news readers on the Windows Phone platform.

Today, Seles Games is pleased to announce the release of Weave version 2.3 to the marketplace. This update brings new features frequently requested by the WP7 community. You can try or purchase Weave here.

This release brings usability enhancements, along with one of the most frequently requested features, improving what many already consider the best news/RSS reader on not just the Windows Phone 7 platform, but any platform.

List of new features in v2.3:

  • Loading indicator – now you can see when exactly Weave is pulling down new data!
  • Manual refresh button – users can refresh news for the current category they are viewing
  • Performance enhancements – in particular, the UI is more responsive while news is being updated.
  • Swipe-to-next-article: you can now swipe through articles when viewing an article summary

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