Weather Flow has had more than 25,000 downloads and other Windows Phone developer titbits


18, 2012

Weather flowThe Guardian newspaper spoke to some Windows Phone developers to get their views on the platform.

The interviews showed that in their sample developers universally liked the platform and praised its speed of development.

"Windows Phone is a very attractive and responsive operating system that is easy to use and understand. It’s a contender for the most polished smart phone OS out there," said Escapist Games’ Chris Whalley while 7digital’s product manager Ling Khor said "Windows Phone has matured and become a solid operating system.”

Developers took between 2 weeks and 4 months to create their apps, and many noted that they already knew the tools and programing languages to allow them to code for Windows Phone.

"It is also worth highlighting the fact that XNA is working out of the box. This is great as developers already have the tools to create a multi-platform game or application right from the start, and this enables them to take advantage of code portability," they said.

Developers were reticent to reveal exactly how successful their apps were however.

"The release has been well received and we have been pleasantly surprised by the number of installs the app has had since its launch," says 7Digital’s Khor. "Windows Phone downloads compare very well to other platforms at similar stages of the release cycle," says Addison Lee’s IT director Peter Ingram.

One company which was not so shy however was Distinction’s Orosz , saying: "Weather Flow has been very successful in the two months since launch. We’ve had more than 25,000 downloads, and a high percentage of them are paid downloads.”

All the developers intended to continue working on Windows Phone, releasing updates and new apps. They all however wishes there were more Windows Phones, and therefore potential customers out there.

"Really all we want is to see more consumers pick up the device and start exploring the app marketplace. That, and more hardware manufacturers creating heap but powerful Windows Phone devices for consumers to buy," Escapist’s  Walley said.

Read more at the Guardian here.


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