We welcome Gdgt Arena for Internet of Things coverage to our network

As our technology lives expand it is getting increasingly difficult to keep up with the news from all the different arenas.

One area which is set to explode over the next year is the so-called Internet of Things sector – intelligent devices which can communicate with each other, and also smartphones, tablets and PCs.  The devices range from smart thermostats all the way to smart watches or even smart clothes, and it is all a bit too much for our Windows Phone-obsessed writers to keep up with.

To keep our readers informed however, and to keep ourselves moving forward, we have partnered with up and coming IoT site Gdgt Arena , who will be regularly offering us news and new insights into this exciting world.  Coverage will be Microsoft ecosystem friendly, but just like Microsoft we can not promise it will be exclusive to Windows Phone.

Our readers should of course be assured that adding Internet of Things coverage to our site will be in addition, and not in place of the latest Windows Phone news, views and opinions, and should mean our regular readers, who sometimes visit us 10 times per day, will always have something interesting to read.

I hope our readers therefore join us in welcoming gdgtarena.com to our fold.