We talk to Matt Fara, developer of Motive

Have you really ever wanted to do something, but never could quite find the time? Or rather, you always had a reason not to. Did your goal setting never quite pan out because you kept procrastinating and didn’t have anyone to push you? Well, there’s an app for that.

Motive for Windows Phone is a social network built to help you reach your goals under a supportive environment. I’ve had the opportunity to communicate with Matt Fara, the developer of Motive and ask him a few questions about his app and his plans and this is what he has to share.

What gave you the idea for this app? Anything you needed to accomplish or that you accomplished and you thought “Wow if this existed then I would have been better off”?

Motive was created out of a need to breed motivation. The road to starting a software business appears to be very long and overwhelming. And as with any long-term goal, your motivation rises and drops like a rollercoaster. I needed something to help keep me on track and help keep me motivated. This is an app that I created for myself, but I added a social aspect so I could share it with everyone who is working towards something.

What differentiates this app from a goal setting app like  Chain?

While Chain is in great in it’s simplicity, Motive shines in it’s depth. It’s not just a habit tracking app, it’s a motivational community. In addition to habit tracking, you can record your journey with photos of your progress or thoughts of how you felt at the time. Other users can support and motivate you. Looking back on my progress journal years later is something I look forward to. I have many more features planned, this is just the beginning.

How many downloads have you had overall?

Overall I’ve had over 18,000 downloads

How many active users do you have?

Would prefer not to disclose at the moment

Do you think Windows Phone is good enough for an app that depends on social networking or do you feel the need to expand to other OS’s like iOS, Android or BB10?

Unfortunately I feel for such a niche app, I need to target some bigger markets. Windows Phone just doesn’t have the user base to sustain an app like Motive. But I do not regret my decision in launching on WP first, as I am a passionate user, and the experience in my apps will always be better on Windows.

Has Microsoft offered you any help?

Microsoft gives me Azure credits through BizSpark, this is allowing me to run Motive without digging into my own pockets. If I wasn’t for this, I would be operating at a loss.

Are you planning to add new features or update the app in terms of design to match the new 8.1 aesthetic?

I am planning a major update to a Universal App, though Android and iOS are on the agenda first.

Is there anything you’ve really wanted to do that the Windows Phone SDK limits you from doing?

I’ve never felt limited in anything I’ve done on WP.

Are there any reasons your app isn’t universal right now? Expanding to “Big Windows” is a great way to expand your user base.

My app is not Universal because I started it before Universal Apps were announced. Android and iOS would be my next best move unfortunately, but a Universal App is not far behind. Because I separated most of my core logic, porting to other platforms is just a matter of getting the UI completed and linked up.

My personal verdict on Motive? Its a great app that can help you get things done if you’re some one who feeds off the encouragement of others, and that’s a lot of people. Its also great to see devs starting out with innovative apps like this on Windows, and while it didn’t; quite work out as well as it could have, it didn’t end badly either.

Get Motive for Windows Phone here and reach for the sky.

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