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WMPoweruser is approaching its 6th month of operation. During that time we have seen explosive growth, and now have a traffic and readership comparable to many well-established sites.

Unfortunately having a global readership also brings a certain responsibility to be reliable in providing the news, views and reviews they have come to the site to read. This means we have to step it up a notch, and thats where YOU come in.

WMPoweruser is looking for associate editors to write for the site, and bring their unique perspective to our thousands of readers. We are obviously looking for readers who love Windows Mobile, and want to share their knowledge and experience with others. At present this is not a compensated post (this may change in the future), but perks include ready access to Windows Mobile software, and, after a probationary period, also access to the latest hardware to review.

If you have a passion for Mobile Tech you want to share, please contact us here.

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