We-Fi – WIFI hotspot directory for your smartphone


18, 2009

WeFi is a  service dedicated to helping you find, connect, and enjoy Wi-Fi anywhere around the world. The service provide the tools that allow their community to map the global Wi-Fi network and have already discovered over 38,000,000access points around the world.

WeFi helps you:

WeFi Mobile provides:

  • Verified internet access
  • Automatic connection to the best spot
  • A comprehensive backend system that uses Wi-Fi data gathered by the entire
  • Constant checks of your surroundings to provide you the best Wi-Fi on demand
  • WeFi_Mobile_download_20091018131011Better display and management for the spots around you
  • Disconnect GPRS upon successful internet Wi-Fi connection
  • Launch favourite application upon successful internet Wi-Fi connection

Download the software here to join the service or scan the Microsoft Tag (gettag.mobi) here.

Via 1800Pocketpc.com

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