Waze builds maps while turning driving into a game

Waze is a company that is building free street maps by using user-submitted data, collected from their application running on smartphones. To encourage drivers to fill in the spaces on the map waze has added a gaming element, with drivers being able to collect points by collecting ‘road goodies’ – cherries, hammers and small gift packages worth extra bonus points.

The ‘road goodies’ are found in locations where the waze has identified map problems, and as you drive around munching them, the system  automatically solve these issues.

Present are the most rare of the new ‘road goodies’, worth 500 extra points, Hammer – more common on the road and worth 250 bonus points & last but not least, Cherries – arguably the cutest ‘goodie’, pretty common and worth 100 extra points…

In parallel to the launch of this new ‘road goodie’ version, waze announced a ‘Holiday High Points Challenge’ between November 25-30.

The top three users in the US and Canada who rack up the most points from ‘road goodies’ during this timeframe will receive Amazon gift cards in the amounts of $500, $300 and $200, respectively.

Read more at waze’s blog here.