Wattmeter test clarifies confusing iPhone 12 Magsafe charging situation



Due to Apple’s decision not to ship a charging brick with the iPhone 12, every iPhone 12 owner are faced with the decision on whether to purchase a new charger or settle for using their own one.

A detailed test using a wattmeter by Zollotech has revealed some surprising information which should help buyers who want to charge wirelessly make the right choice.

In summary, the new 20W charger with an iPhone 12 will deliver 15W fast charging, and no other combination comes close. Particularly 3rd party charging bricks will usually offer less than 10W wireless charging, and Apple’s old 18W charger will offer around the same performance. Even Apple’s 65W Macbook charging brick will only offer around 10W charging.

Worryingly, Apple’s 20W charger will only deliver 5W or less to 3rd party handsets such as the Pixel or older iPhones, making it next to useless.  This means replacing the communal family wireless charger would be a step backwards for everyone except iPhone 12 owners.

This means Apple has effectively made its new wireless charger proprietary to the iPhone 12, which is a typical Apple move.

See the video below:

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