Watch The New Video Showing The Multiplayer Gaming Experience Of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Official Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare - Multiplayer Deep Dive

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare multiplayer trailer was revealed last month. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare takes multiplayer gameplay to new heights. The core movement system is fundamentally changed with exoskeleton technology, creating the most dynamic, action-packed multiplayer experience in Call of Duty history. Today, a new video with a closer look at many of the game’s new mechanics, including the awesome exoskeleton and its accompanying abilities that offer a wide variety of offensive and defensive strategies was released.

  • Combined with the Pick 13 system that’s explored in greater detail in the above video, the exoskeleton will fundamentally change the way players interact with the battlefield and each other.
  • Speaking of battlefields, the video also breaks down some of the new maps, including many of the interactive elements that dynamically alter the flow of the game’s 12 multiplayer modes (including the all-new Uplink game type).

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