Watch Tesla’s “mind-blowing” Full Self-Driving Beta V10.0 in action



Elon Musk has promised the beta of the Full Self-Driving version 10 would be mind-blowing.

This is the version of the software Tesla said they will release to the general population of Tesla owners who purchased the $10,000 FSD option and is therefore expected to be a lot more safe and secure than earlier versions.

Tesla released the software to their 2,000 strong early access group this morning, and early reports are coming in.

While users are not reporting having their minds blown, they are consistently saying the software is now much more confident in executing some actions, but at the same time is also still making mistakes.

The update also brings better road lane visualizations. It does not bring improvements to highway driving – this is still being integrated.

Tesla is expecting to release the next version FSD 10.1 in 2 weeks to the wider Tesla community. In the meantime watch Dirty Tesla put FSD 10.0 through its paces.

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