Three weeks ago Tesla released their long-awaited new FSD Beta version 9 software for Tesla owners who purchased the $10,000 package, and yesterday the company followed up with FSD Beta 9.1.

That update appears to be mainly bug fixes, but as usual eager owners have given the software update a work-out, a demo which can be seen below:

Owner Rocco Speranza reports some improvements which allowed him to take the car for a 10-minute drive without any disengagement but found many issues which required interventions remained.

AI Addict similarly gave the software a test, and found even more improvements, with the software more confident in its driving style, including now routinely not coming to a ‘rolling stop’ at quiet traffic stops instead of making a full stop.

Elon Musk has promised an increased release cadence, with a new version of the software being released every 2nd Friday, at midnight California time.

This will hopefully mean testers who report issues will see fixes for those problems turning up in their cars at a much higher rate.

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