Tesla feels fairly confident that version 10.2 of their Full Self–Driving software is close enough to human competency to unleash it on the general population of Telsa owners, but the true test of the software is the edge cases which we, unfortunately, run into fairly regularly day to day.

One such difficult area is driving through crowded neighbourhoods with sharp turns, narrow lanes, and pedestrians and cyclists, such as found in the hills of Berkeley in San Francisco.

This also happens to be the backyard of YouTube channel The AI Driver, who has posted a video today showing off the performance of Tesla’s latest FSD beta.

The video shows that Tesla has made astounding progress in delivering a driving experience that closely matches that of a human, and is able to negotiate quite tricky situations.

Check it out below:

Tesla is expected to release version 10.3 of their FSD software on the 22nd of October, which should bring further refinements to the client.

Are our readers equally impressed by the latest beta? Let us know below.