Watch Steve Ballmer Talking About Microsoft At The Oxford Union Debates In His First Interview After Retiring As CEO

Steve Ballmer, the former CEO of Microsoft took the stage for the first time after retiring from the post of CEO at Microsoft. The stage was The Oxford Union Debates, one of the most famous debating chambers in the world.

He discussed about his experience at Microsoft starting as a sales manager for a 30 people company with a annual revenue of $30 million. When Steve Ballmer left Microsoft, it was about $80 billion revenue with headcount around 100,000. Also, he talked about companies having one trick pony can be successful, but they need to have the tricks coming in the technology industry to keep thriving. He cited Microsoft and Apple as the two trick pony companies. Microsoft started with Windows as the first trick, and the server business was the second trick. Similarly, Apple did it twice starting with Mac and then now with iPhone and others.

He also revealed that Microsoft offered to buy Facebook, but Mark Zuckerberg declined the offer having the vision that it could become much bigger. Likewise, Bill Gates declined acquisition offer for Microsoft in 1979.

He also talked about the need of an idea to start a great business. People should start with a idea and keep following it. They should love what they do and should be passionate about their work. Watch the video above, its really inspiring.