Watch: Ralf Groene, Head of Industrial Design and Jeff Stewart, Product Line Manager talk about the Surface Book 2


30, 2017

The Surface Book 2 is Microsoft’s latest wonder of industrial design, and I believe their most impressive device of 2017, improving by leaps and bounds on the original Surface Book 2 and setting new industry benchmarks for battery life and performance.

The team responsible for the creation of the hybrid tablet/laptop have now spoken about the creation experience and design goals, and Microsoft has posted their interviews on the Surface channel.

The interviews feature Ralf Groene, Head of Industrial Design, who talks about Surface inspiration, the creative process, and the importance of fan feedback. Then we have  Jeff Stewart, Senior Director and Product Line Manager at Microsoft, who talks about some of the ins and outs behind the production of the most powerful Surface Book Microsoft has created to date.

See then below:

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Both the new Surface Book 2 models are now available for order in the US here. Consumers in the UK can order the 13-inch version of Surface Book 2 here. Microsoft is also offering a trade-in program to make the £1499 price more palatable. Read more about that here.

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