Watch Project Tripod For Windows Phone Devices In Action, Beta Coming In October



Project Tripod is an interesting project which was chosen as part of Nokia/Microsoft AppCampus program three months back. This small imaging startup has already received big funding and they are working on the project. They have even managed to get their patent application filed, and begun the alpha testing phase. So what is Project Tripod?

Here is their way of explaining it,

Watching a plant or a new building grow. Witnessing the seasons change in seconds. The effect is awesome.

In the past capturing this has not been easy, requiring expensive equipment to be left out in the elements for long periods and specialist software and knowledge. That is all about to change.

Project Tripod is new app in development that allows you to track anything you’d like over time by letting you take the exact same picture over and over again, no matter how long has elapsed. It could be minutes or an entire year. Think of it as taking a real tripod and leaving it outside then going back later and using it to take another photo…

Anybody will soon be able to create very long term time lapses or blend a summer and a winter shot of the same scene and more! You could share your tripod so others can find and add to it or find other tripods and review their historic collection.

The app will be coming to Windows Phone devices first and then later to other mobile device. Beta version of the app is expected in mid-October.

Signup for beta here. Read more about it here.


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