With Windows 7 support soon nearing an end, Microsoft are making final attempts to sneak their telemetry components into their legacy operating system.

Three years ago, Microsoft split its monthly update packages for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 into two separate delivery methodologies: Monthly Rollup of Update Fixes and Security-only Update package.  At the time, this was intended to help users install only essential security updates.

However, in the July 2019-07 Security-Only Quality Update KB4507456, Microsoft disguised the telemetry component, KB2952664, as a ‘Compatibility Appraiser’.  The company tagged the component as a tool to identify issues that could prevent a Windows 7 PC from updating to Windows 10, but it’s clear that there’s an ulterior motive.

The purpose of the functionality seems to be gathering more data regarding usage and installation patterns of the Windows OS; in other words- who’s still using Windows 7 and why?

In Microsoft’s defence, they noted that KB4507456 replaces KB2952664 due to a security issue in the Appraiser component on Windows 7 SP1; therefore they’re supposedly updating a pre-existing tool.

Despite that, the fact that this isn’t the first time that Microsoft was caught trying to sneak the telemetry component in, makes it pretty obvious that it’s no co-incidence.

For many, the main reason users stick to Windows 7 is to avoid Microsoft’s spyware; it must therefore be incredibly frustrating that Microsoft refuses to respect their wishes.

Source: appuals.com