Watch out for Windows 11 Alpha

Scammers have found a way to exploit the buzz around Windows 11 to launch phishing campaigns against unsuspecting businesses.

Companies are receiving emails with documents attached which purport to be generated on “Windows 11 Alpha”.

The instructions in the document are designed to trick recipients into disabling security features, under the guise of making the “Windows 11 Alpha”-generated document compatible with Windows 10.

Instead, disabling the protections allows a macro to run which ultimately downloads a javascript package that allows hackers to take over your computer completely.

The hack was reverse-engineered by researchers at cybersecurity company Anomali, who analysed 6 samples.

BleepingComputer reports that the campaign appears to be the work of FIN7 and that the hack appears to be targeting payment processing companies. FIN7 has previously caused billions in damages by stealing millions of payment records from companies such as Chipotle Mexican Grill, Chili’s, Arby’s, Red Robin, and Jason’s Deli.

Needless to say, any emails referencing Windows 11 Alpha should be immediately deleted.

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