Watch On-Demand TV On Your Windows Phone 7 Device Using Bitbop












Application Description from Zune Marketplace:

For a limited time, get access to a Free Beta version of the Bitbop service for your Windows Phone.
Your Bitbop beta account will be active for 60 days. After your Beta period ends, you will need to join Bitbop for $9.99/month for continued access the service. You will not be billed during the Beta period and you will only be billed if you decide to subscribe to Bitbop service after your Beta is over.
Visit to review our Terms and Conditions.
Watch Outside The Boxâ„¢
* TV shows from your favorite networks
* Watch full-length TV episodes, on-demand
* Stream or download on WI-FI or 3G
* Commercial-Free
How Bitbop Works:
Download the Bitbop application to your Windows Phone
Add TV shows to your Queue via or the mobile app
Click on shows in your Queue to either stream (watch now) or download
Fill your brain with delicious TV anywhere, anytime
Bitbop is brand spanking new. We know we’re not perfect (yet). If you find any issues or have any problems, please let us know. Feel free to tell us what you like as well! Email us at
Bitbop is the first wireless subscription service to deliver on-demand, premium mobile TV directly to consumers’ smartphones. The company’s state-of-the-art platform puts the flexibility of a home-based media center right in your pocket. Bitbop’s service is accessible from any 3G or wireless network and features unlimited streaming or downloading of content from world-class entertainment partners. The TV you watch is on Bitbop!

Bitbop is an On-Demand Mobile streaming TV service operated by Fox Mobile, so the service will have programming from a selection of networks including Fox, CBS, NBC, MTV and Comedy Central. Since its free for 60 days, u may try it . Here is the channels available from Biptop,