Watch: Microsoft’s WinHec Taipei Presentation – What’s new with Windows Mixed Reality

Microsoft recently had a presentation at WinHec Taipei aimed at hardware OEMs explaining the advantages of the Windows Mixed Reality platform and the latest developments in polishing of the experience in the run up to the release of Windows Mixed Reality headsets (above) from a variety of OEMs later this year.

The first 7 minutes of the presentation, which features an awkward demo showing how a Windows Mixed Reality headset and HoloLens can interact to play a game can be safely skipped. The rest of the presentation is much more informative and can be seen below:

YouTube player

The presentation includes information on the setup procedure for the headset, improvements to the Home base, new minimum hardware specs and an app which lets users check whether their PC matches those specs, and reveals that Quanta is the main ODM for Microsoft’s mixed reality headsets.

The full slide deck for the presentation can be seen here (PPTX.)

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