One of Microsoft’s YouTube channels has posted a specs summary video for the Surface Go2, Surface Book 3 and the Surface Dock 2.

See them all on one place below:

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Surface Go 2, the smallest, most affordable Surface 2-in-1, now with a more brilliant higher-resolution 10.5” “PixelSense” display and even more performance and battery life packed into the same compact form factor. At just over half a kilogram or 1.2 pounds, Surface Go 2 brings laptop-to-tablet flexibility, that goes anywhere. And its fanless design means the Surface Go 2 is an excellent choice for high dust or sterile working environments. Surface Go 2 adds an optional Intel 8th generation Core M3 processor, that is 64% faster than Surface Go, as well as an Intel Pentium Gold option. And the LTE model now works with eSIM and you can manage this through Endpoint Manager.

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Designed to give you the best balance of computational power and versatility in a laptop. The Surface Book 3, in its most powerful configuration, can create 3D designs, produce graphical content with real-time ray tracing and advanced shading; and run GPU-intensive machine learning and AI workloads. Surface Book 3 has options for discreet GPUs with Nvidia GeForce or Nvidia Quadro for businesses with certifications for professional grade apps. It uses 10th generation Intel Core processors, available in either Core i7 or Core i5 configurations. And for the first time with Surface Book, you can choose options with up to 32 gigabytes of RAM. The 13.5-inch model comes with a color-calibrated 3000 by 2000 pixel display and the 15-inch model has a 3240 (thirty-two-forty) by 2160 twenty-one-sixty) resolution.

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The new Surface Dock transforms your Surface into a desktop PC. It offers a complement of USB-C, USB-A, audio, and Ethernet ports, its more than just a simple port replicator and brings with it smart, enterprise-grade controls. Such as individually disabling USB data, audio, or Ethernet on the Surface Dock with certificate-based management. It also has the capability of driving two 4K displays at 60Hz or two 5K at 30Hz. You’ll see the new Surface Dock shares a consistent, quality look and feel with the previous Surface Dock. On the front: • 2x USB-C 3.2 ports. Charge at 15 watts each On the back: • 2x USB-C 3.2 ports at Display Port 1.4 spec • 2x USB-A ports • 3.5mm headset jack • Gigabit Ethernet

You can find pre-order links for the new devices here.