Watch how Microsoft HoloLens can be used to transform the architecture process

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Last year, Trimble announced that it is working with Microsoft to develop a new generation of tools, integrated with the HoloLens holographic platform on Windows 10, which are intended to improve quality, collaboration and efficiency in the design, construction and operation of buildings and structures. A proof of concept was demonstrated at Microsoft’s Build Conference in 2015. Recently, we reported that CSCEC Group 1, one of the largest building contractors in China and a world-leading engineering and construction firm is exploring the applications of mixed-reality technology in the Architecture using HoloLens.

Microsoft today highlighted in a video about Greg Lynn and Trimble are exploring opportunities to transform the architecture process using HoloLens. Mixed reality enables Lynn to immediately get a sense of scale, form, and space so he can easily visualize his ideas and make decisions more quickly. Watch the video above.

Last week, Microsoft opened up HoloLens Development Edition to everyone in the US and Canada. Buy HoloLens from Microsoft using the below links,