Watch How Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit Protects Us From Various Cyber Crime Activities


19, 2014

We have covered about Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) in the past. It is that team that works for the safety of internet by protecting us from some of the most difficult cybercrime threats facing society today like Malicious software crimes – malware and botnets, IP crimes – counterfeit and piracy and technology-facilitated child-exploitation crimes – pornography, human trafficking and online sexual exploitation. DCU’s team includes international legal and technical experts includes  unique team of lawyers, investigators, business professionals, intelligence specialists and forensic analysts applies various cutting-edge tools, technologies and strategies to enhance cloud security and make the Internet safe for everyone.

While there are multiple types of cybercrime, the Digital Crimes Unit focuses on three main areas where Microsoft has an opportunity to make a direct impact. These include technology-facilitated child sexual exploitation crimes, piracy and IP crimes, and malicious software crimes, particularly botnet-driven Internet attacks.

With cooperation across industry, criminal law enforcement organizations, academia, and NGOs worldwide, DCU aims to put cybercriminals out of business and create a safe online experience for everyone.

Each year, cybercrime takes a personal and financial toll on millions of consumers and causes enormous damage to businesses, governments and economies across the world. To address this growing problem, Microsoft has created a center of excellence for advancing the global fight against cybercrime. The Cybercrime Center uniquely combines legal and technical expertise as well as cutting-edge tools and technology, marking a new era in effectively fighting crime on the Internet. Through cooperative efforts with customers, industry, academic, and criminal law enforcement organizations and other industry partners, the Microsoft Cybercrime Center aims to protect consumers online and make the Internet safe.

Watch the video above to know about it.

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