Watch Dogs “tween” animated show announced; Far Cry: Blood Dragon also being adapted


11, 2019

In a mind-bending move that could only be by Ubisoft, the open-world hack-the-world title Watch Dogs is being adapted into an animated show for “tweens”. 

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, Ubisoft will be converting its mature-themed open-world series into a tween animated show. The report describes the upcoming series as a toned-down “cybernystery”.

“Every show has a different target that it’s aiming at and a different format,” said Ubisoft’s Film and TV managing director Helene Juguet.

With Watch Dogs’ upcoming third entry telling a mature tale of about dystopian post-Brexit Britain, it’s a bizarre change of pace.

But the hacker clan DedSec isn’t the only Ubisoft property making its way to a new TV medium. Instead, Castlevania director Adi Shankar will be adapting the futuristic Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon into an animated show for young adults. According to the report, the title will be part of a Ubisoft multiverse.

“ADI is such a great fan of video games,” Juguet continues. “We share the same culture and references. It’s been great to give him the freedom to do something very fresh and bold with our characters.”

Shankar’s prior work includes the amazing Castlevania animated series on Netflix.

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