“Washed out” Lumia 950 has calibration quality screen


Some sites do not pretend to do anything but subjective reviews, and others attempt to get to the bare metal truth by actually measuring before talking.

An example of earlier is the Verge, who noted, without much proof, that the Lumia 950‘s screen was “…plenty sharp, though it can look a bit washed out…” and was simply “basically, it’s what you’d expect from a mid-to-high-end phone in late 2015.”

An example of the later is GSMArena who actually measured the screen with tools, and wrote:

Another positive remark we have about the screen is excellent color rendering. The average DeltaE is only 1.9, which is perhaps the lowest average we’ve seen on a mobile phone. You have got to remember that anything below 3 is considered calibration-level color accuracy so we’re really happy with the fact that Microsoft provides such color accuracy out of the box.

In fact other measurements made by GSMArena support that the device has a rather excellent screen.

lumia 950 screen

GSMArena notes  that “The Lumia 950 has only modest maximum brightness (328nits) if you have the brightness control set to manual, but as soon as you switch to Auto, the phone will push the brightness all the way up to 628nits given the environment is bright enough. … Under direct sunlight, the Lumia 950 retains excellent contrast and stays legible even in brightly lit environments.”

We have of course already seen the Lumia 950’s camera also being more than competitive with other leading smartphones.

It is a shame that Microsoft’s design team did not live up to the level of expertise as the engineering team, but its clear, once you slip a case on, the Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL are pretty incredible devices, and certainly worthy of being called flagship handsets.

GSMArena’s review can be seen here.