Warning: Check out the price differences between Official and Windows 10 Beta Store


4, 2015


These days, we are all excited about Windows 10. It is definitely one of the biggest and most amazing Windows releases ever.

But is it bugless? No, it is not. One of the most concerning issue is Store related and it is giving many problems to a lot of developers and users. What is the issue? The new Windows Store doesn’t show real prices and descriptions of the applications. If you are a dev and you change the price of your app or the description, you will not see such variations on the new Store and the same will happen to users that are looking at it. Are you planning a price-cut? Windows 10 users won’t see it, while Windows 8.1 users will do.

As you can see from the pictures above the same app shows different prices and descriptions on the two Stores that are currently available to users. The new Store doesn’t show the real ones, but wrong prices and it is also charging users for the full-price of applications that are totally free (or discounted).

This is happening on both Windows and Windows Phone/Mobile. While on Windows 10 Mobile this thing is not so relevant (it is still under testing through Windows Insider program), what is happening on Windows 10 desktop is very alarming (Windows 10 for desktop has been officially released to everyone).

What we did? We found a related topic on answer.microsoft.com and gave 3 votes. Please do the same and report this to Microsoft.

What do you think about it? Have you ever been affected by this issue?

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