Microsoft’s XO18 event in Mexico City is happening today, and not just today but in under three hours! Are you excited? You should be!

The two-hour-long keynote will feature announcements of all sorts: updates on Xbox’s upcoming first-party exclusives, brand-new third-party announcements and even a few little extras for fans.

How do you watch the keynote, though? Well, you can watch it officially through Xbox’s Mixer, Twitch, YouTube, Facebook or Twitter accounts. Watching the event through Mixer will give you access to Mixpot rewards for your Xbox Live account if it’s linked.

When does the event start?

UK: 9 pm GMT

There are some pretty strong rumors circulating the gaming world about what to expect from XO18. Sunset Overdrive probably will have a PC port; Age of Empires should be coming to Xbox One; Obsidian Entertainment might be acquired, and there should be a few additions to backward compatibility and game pass!