Walmart to remove all violent video game signage, but will keep selling guns


9, 2019

Author Ash // in Game, News

Walmart has apparently sent its employees an internal company memo that orders them remove all signs and displays that contain ‘violent images or aggressive behaviour’, according to an article from VICE.

Freelance writer Kenneth Shepard posted a Tweet showing an image of the memo, which shows that violent imagery in films and references to hunting are also banned alongside video game displays.

The memo asks employees to “turn off or unplug any video game display consoles that show a demo of violent games, specifically PlayStation and Xbox units.” The demo units are apparently set to be updated within the next week, presumably to show video games that have been deemed non-violent.

Employees are also expected to cancel any upcoming events and remove all signage that may pertain to ‘combat style or third-person shooter games’, turn off any violent films, and turn off any ‘hunting season videos’ and remove any monitors or displays that show such videos.

Walmart doesn’t specify or single out any particular game, instead asking its employees to “use [their] best judgment.”

The notice comes in the wake of recent shootings at two Walmart locations, with one taking place in a store in Southaven, Mississippi on July 30th and the other in a store in El Paso, Texas, on August 3rd.

After the incidents, President Donald Trump pinned the blame on mental health issues and “gruesome video games” despite plenty of evidence that video games aren’t to blame.

One Walmart employee told VICE that the notice is indeed real and that they were handed one after they went into work.

The employee threw the notice away, telling VICE that “it’s obviously a way to shift the blame from the real problem regarding the mass shootings. I didn’t get to confirm this yesterday but they aren’t doing anything about the sales of guns and ammo in the store.”

Despite the crackdown on violent signage, Walmart reportedly plans to continue selling guns and ammo in its stores, citing “no change” to its gun policy.

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