Wait what? Archos ready to jump on the Windows Phone bandwagon

Archos CEO Loic Poirier

We have seen many new names associated with Windows phone recently, such as ZTE, Oppo, Lava, to name a few.

The biggest surprise today however, to me at least, is to hear that venerably mobile device player Archos is now also considering a Windows Phone handset.

Speaking exclusively to TrustedReview, Archos CEO Loic Poirier said he felt the Windows Phone market is now mature enough after a number of years of gradual growth.

“We will launch a Windows Phone handset when the time is right,” Poirier  said.

Poirier however made it clear we should not expect a massive commitment from the company, saying:

“Before anything else we are focussed on Google.”

Are our readers surprised by this news, and do we need Archos in the Windows Phone ecosystem? Let us know below.