W10 Reddit app Readit updated with new features and improvements


24, 2016


Popular reddit client Readit has received an update taking it to version

The update brings along a number of fixes and improvements, the most interesting possibly being the ability to be notified of new posts to a sub-reddit you are subscribed to, which is useful if you want to keep a close eye on a community.

It also brings a number of improvements to performance and the usual bug fixes.

See the full changelog below:

General Additions

  • Changes to the mobilizer of articles when “Mobilize websites” is enabled:
    • New mobilizer, it still uses readability in the backend but it will be displayed essentially natively now
    • Follows theme, no bright white flashes from the browser in dark mode
    • Easier to read – no chrome in the page – just article content
    • Failing to mobilize the page will just load the original web page
    • Still working on the spacing of the page, sometimes certain sites will contain excessive spacing. Will fix it later
    • There is a convenient link located at the top of the mobilized web page – click it to view the original version of the page. If a page isn’t mobilized well, use this link to just view the original.
  • You can now save entire albums via the save button in the upper right when viewing an album.
    • Saves in a subfolder of your current media save location with the name of the album. If no name is given for the album, it is saved under an “Unknown Album” generic folder.
  • You can now get toast notifications for new posts in subreddits by enabling them in that subreddit’s sidebar.
    • Shows up to 5 posts, no more than that. If there are more than 5 posts you will have to visit the subreddit. These are not silent notifications.
    • Checks every 15 minutes for the most recent (at most) 5 posts from that subreddit since the last check. Uses very little data.
    • Limitation: you must be subscribed to that subreddit.
  • New profile features:
    • Default category is “overview” which shows both recent posts and comments – can also be sorted
    • Added a “gilded” category which shows both posts and comments that were gilded – can also be sorted
    • Re-ordered the dropdown
    • Updated the way comments are displayed – better margins, and separators appear between them now
    • Faster loading and response times
  • You can now open links in a new browser window via the comment context menu using the new “open in browser” sub-menu
  • New browsing setting: Swipe actions – Default: on – Disable to disable the swipe actions in both the post and comment lists (mark as read/unread & upvote/downvote)
  • New advanced setting: Show vote history – Default: off – Enable to show vote history from user tags in the UI. It still tracks your vote history in case you turn this on.
  • You can now “delete” or unsubscribe from a multireddit via the context menu in the subreddits list (long press on multireddit or right click)
  • You can now unsubscribe from a subreddit via the context menu in the subreddits list (long press on subreddit or right click)
  • When saving an image, the filename will be the post title by default. (if possible)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed slow loading of youtube videos/video players in general
  • The subreddit name and OP name of posts will now be in the same order for post lists and when viewing a single post
  • When submitting a new post, the subreddits list will now be in alphabetical order
  • The subreddits list will now be in alphabetical order for wallpaper and lockscreen subreddit pickers
  • In a new link window from comments (such as viewing an inline image) on mobile, you can now tap on any edge of the screen to dismiss these windows.
  • The comment count, to go directly to comments, now has a larger hitbox and you can tap in the blank space above or below it as well to go directly to comments.
  • Fixed i.reddituploads.com posts not loading in user profile pages
  • Advanced settings will now load immediately
  • Fixed sidebar overflowing above the top of the screen on mobile

Download Readit from the Windows 10 store:

Price: Free
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