VS Code finally gets settings sync feature



Bootstrap VS Code using Settings Sync

Settings Sync is one of the most awaited features of VS Code. Microsoft yesterday released a new VS Code preview build v1.44.0 with the settings sync feature. With this new feature, developers can sync VS Code settings, extensions, and keyboard shortcuts across PCs.

Developers can now have your preferences synchronized in all your VS Code installs across all their machines.

When developers setup VS Code is a fresh PC, this new Settings Sync feature will come handy. They can import all their personal preferences by just signing in. Right now, only the following are supported for syncing across devices.

  • Settings
  • Keyboard Shortcut
  • Extensions
  • Display Language

Microsoft will add support for more items in the future. Settings Sync progress can be monitored in the Log (Sync) output view. This new Insider build also comes with other improvements like improved JavaScript debugger, Timeline view, debugger extension API and more. Find the full change log from the source link below.

Source: Microsoft

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