Voxofon announced (fake) VOIP for Windows Phone 7

Voxofon for Windows Phone 7 They say you close one door, and another opens.  With Skype and Nimbuzz taking a wait and see approach to Windows Phone 7, it is welcome to see a VOIP company taking a proactive approach to the OS.

Voxofon’s international calling services allow customers to call using their smartphone, computer, land line, or a cell phone. All Voxofon services are available under a single account, providing customers with the flexibility to use the service they find most convenient.

"VoIP for smartphones is a relatively new and welcome development, since mobile phone users have traditionally paid a premium for long-distance service," says Voxofon CEO Alexey Goloshubin. "The rapidly expanding demand for smartphones for both personal and business use has increased demand for cost-saving applications such as Voxofon Call Abroad."

Unfortunately a closer look at the service reveals it to be nothing much more than an automated calling card, but then, that is a start, isn’t it 😉

Read more about Voxofon’s Windows Phone 7 app at their website here.