Vote For Your Favorite Idea In The Surface Classroom Design Challenge And Win A Surface 2


14, 2014

Last month, Microsoft announced the Surface Classroom Design Challenge where it was asking us to help them re-imagine the classroom. What would it look like if every student had a Surface as a learning tool? How would Teachers teach with a Surface? What kind of furniture, and accessories would they need? How can we make using Surface in the Classroom even better? As a result, Microsoft ended up with lots of designs from people – like Surface desks, binders, backpacks, RC blades, solar powered chargers, and more. Now, you need to just vote for your favorite idea.

Now it’s time to vote for your favorite idea. Spend some time browsing the Gallery, pick your favorite ideas, register, and vote (limit 1 vote per day). You could win a Surface 2 just for voting. But better hurry – the voting ends January 17th.

via: Windows Team Blog

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