Vote For Xbox One And Kinect In Stuff Gadget Awards 2013



Stuff Gadget Of The Year Xbox Kinect

Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox One Kinect got nominated for Stuff Gadget Awards 2013. Xbox One got nominated for Stuff Gadget of the year and Kinect got nominated for Innovation of the year.

Another Microsoft related product that was nominated is Nokia Lumia 1020 running Windows Phone 8.

Xbox One:

Microsoft’s ‘does everything box’ is more than just a console, though exclusives like Titanfall, Halo, Quantum Break, Ryse and froze 5 should have gamers salivating at the thought of diving in. Bundled with Kinect for voice and motion control smarts, it’ll let you watch live TV via a connected set top box and run apps like Skype and Internet Explorer simultaneously.


Microsoft’s camera-on-steroids will be bundled with every Xbox One console, and features a whole host of improved tech. For starters you can use it even if your lounge isn’t an auditorium, and it’s more accurate and performs better in dim environments. It can track 25 individual joints and can even measure your heart rate. Throw in simultaneous tracking of six people, voice control and the ability to read your heart rate just by looking at you, and the possibilities are astounding.

Vote for Xbox One here and Kinect here.

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