VoiceWake Full Released!


If you enjoyed the Lite version of VoiceWake, give the full version a try.  The full version includes location based wake and scheduled wake.

When using location based wake, users can tell Cortana to wake their PC when their phone connects to a remembered WiFi network at a specified location.  Once a WiFi location is remembered, you can use the command:
“Cortana, wake [computer name] when I get to [location name]”

NOTE: This feature requires that WiFi and Location services is enabled in your user settings.

When the user uses the above voice command, the app begins a task that is triggered upon the transition between networks (WiFi -> cellular and vice versa).  Once connected to a WiFi network, the app checks to see if it’s the location you specified in the voice command.  If so, it will trigger a wake event automatically (even if the app isn’t open).  Your phone may take up to two minutes to actually connect to a WiFi network from a locked state, so unlocking your phone can actually speed up the connection process and wake your PC faster.

When using scheduled wake, users can tell Cortana to wake their PC at a specified date/time using the following commands:
“Cortana, schedule computer to wake up at [time] am/pm”
“Cortana, schedule computer to wake up on [date] at [time] am/pm”

For example:
“Cortana, schedule computer to wake up on May 15th at 7 am”
“Cortana, schedule computer to wake up tomorrow at 9 am”
“Cortana, schedule computer to wake up at 6:30 pm”

NOTE: Due to the limitations of windows phone background tasks, a background task can only be run at 15 minute intervals.  Therefore, your PC will not wake up exactly at the specified time, but rather within 15 minutes (or less) of the specified time.

Try the Lite version here.
Buy the Full version here.

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