Voice Morpher for WP8 Now Supports Sharing Recordings


21, 2013

Voice Morpher, a free voice recorder/pitch changer app for Windows Phone, in its latest update can now share your recordings. This update supports recording audio and sharing it via any of 3 methods:

  • Saving it as a ringtone
  • Saving it to the phone music library
  • Uploading to SkyDrive

Unfortunately, an OS restriction doesn’t allow for the pitch to be modified in shared recordings, but you still have the option to reverse the sound. Voice Morpher is different than the majority of audio recorders on the marketplace because it converts the audio to MP3 format. This allows for not only easier access to the file on SkyDrive, but it makes it possible to save it to the music library or save it as a ringtone. Voice Morpher’s new sharing features only support Windows Phone 8 devices.

Download Voice Morpher: www.windowsphone.com

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