Voice Map Navigation coming to Windows Phone Mango


3, 2011

Author Surur // in News

imageMicrosoft has posted some more about the voice control features in Windows Phone 7 Mango.

Alex Perez Avila, a program manager for many of the voice features in Windows Phone, said that the system, which was based on Tellme, will only get better in time as more people used it, and noted that there were still some more features to be revealed.

The list includes:

  • Making a phone call by name or nickname
  • Redialing a number
  • Calling voicemail
  • Voice Speed dial
  • Voice Call Forwarding
  • Searching Bing
  • Turning on the speakerphone
  • Starting an app while in a call
  • Navigating Maps

The last one is particularly of note, as it may go along with a better GPS Navigation implementation than has been revealed so far in Mango.

Read more about Voice in Mango at Microsoft here.

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