Voice control for Zune in Windows Phone 7 confirmed

MobilitySite have laid some concern I and many others must have had regarding the Tellme voice recognition and control service built into Windows Phone 7.

The software is a replacement for the Voice Command software in Windows Mobile, but one of the most impressive features of Voice Command was the ability to control the included Windows Media Player.

Now MobilitySite has confirmed that  users can in fact as the device to play a specific song and have it respond accordingly.

They write:

“Play <category> <item>” where the category will be artist, album, song, etc and the item will be an item of the category you listed. i.e. “Play Artist U2”.

They note that many other combinations and requests are possible, hopefully meaning the full richness of Voice Command, which would even respond to a request to know the time, will also be available in Windows phone 7.

Read more at MobilitySite here.