Vodafone Australia and EE UK discontinue the Lumia 735

The Lumia 7XX series has had a rough life. First debuting as an unremarkable handset with the 710, the 720 promised to reverse the trend with a stunning design and decent camera but failed due to its middling specs and lack of availability. Now the 735 may be falling into that hole as well. Earlier this week we learned from a Vodafone user that Vodafone Austrailia had discontinued the 735 due to lack of sales. Upon contacting Vodafone we received the following statement:

“The Nokia Lumia 735 is end of life but not because of lack of sales.
It’s because it’s not compatible with our new 4G 850MHz network.”

On the bright side, they didn’t say sales were bad however, our fears were confirmed. The phone had been discontinued before 6 months on the market.
In the UK, the EE Lumia 735 has also made a stealthy disappearance. Once featured alongside the 930 and 830, it has ben erased and the links to its page are dead.  We’ve reached out to EE for comment and will update this page when if we get a statement, at the moment its not looking good.

Looking outside EE, the Lumia 735 is no longer sold directly by Vodafone UK or O2 UK on contract or PAYG. You can only get the device from those carriers through Carphone warehouse, and only the green model which indicates that the stock is limited.

Screenshot (29)

The Lumia 735 was one of the best Windows Phones due to its incredible balance of performance, power and price and was given rave reviews. Be that as it may, perhaps the Lumia 735 became a victim of too many Lumias. With every mobile carrier in the UK offering every Lumia device from the 535 to the 930, it was inevitable that the ones that didn’t perform as well as expected would get cut.

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