Vocal Camera. Control your phone’s camera with your voice



Vocal Camera

Vocal Camera is a brand new app that allows you to control the phone’s camera with your voice. You can also control the camera settings such as scene modes, flash, grid and you can switch between cameras. Vocal Camera comes with default voice commands to use but it’s possible to customize them as you wish, so if your language is not English you can change them with customized in your own language (only if your language is supported by Windows Phone, otherwise they will not work).

Another interesting feature is the possibility to change the recognition sensitivity. A low sensitivity will make easier to recognize commands but the phone might interpret background noises as commands. At the same time it’s harder to recognize with an high sensitivity but the phone will no make mistakes. The recognition is more efficient when using earphones with microphone, so we really reccomend to use them for a better experience.

The developer says that this is the very first version of the app so you can encounter some bugs and errors especially due to differences between devices. If this happens you can write to him and explain the issues. Actually the front camera doesn’t work on some devices but it will be fixed on the next update.

Before using Vocal Camera be sure to have the speech support installed on your phone. You can check it into Phone Settings -> Speech. You have to put a check un “Enable Speech Recognition Service” too. Vocal Camera is free and you can download it by clicking on the link below.


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