Vlingo voice control comes to Windows Mobile

vlingo Now we know Microsoft Voice Command is great, but there are several services which take it a lot further.  Vlingo is one of them, and this service has now come to Windows Mobile as a beta.

At present only a few Windows Mobile devices are supported:

  • Samsung Omnia (Verizon)
  • Samsung Epix (AT&T)
  • Samsung Jack
  • Samsung Propel Pro
  • Samsung BlackJack II (AT&T) [6.0 OS only]
  • LG Incite (AT&T)
  • Moto Q Global 9h (AT&T)

See this video of the software in action on the Blackberry platform:

[flv:http://www.vlingo.com/flash/vvdemo2.flv 640 440]

To sign up for the beta visit this Vlingo page here.