VLC Raising Money To Develop Windows Store Compatible Video Player


29, 2012

VLC Player, one of the most popular Windows desktop software may be coming to Windows Store soon as a Metro app. The developers behind this app is now planning to raise money through Kickstarter program to aid rapid development.

From their blog,

We want to allow users to get access to VLC from the Start screen and Metro experience too.

To run in Metro, important parts of VLC need to be re-written or ported and an entirely new interface needs to be created. This is very time-consuming and considering our current Windows design, we need professional designers to adapt the interface to Metro. Additionally, we would like to have it in the hands of our Windows 8 users as soon as possible.

Porting VLC to Metro by relying on volunteers during their spare time would take a long time, just as how VLC for Android has. This is why we decided to run this fundraiser. If successful, it will allow two developers to work on this project full time. Donors will get access to a broad range of goodies and users will benefit from quality software. The project is projected to be published early next year.

Running a fundraiser is something the VideoLAN project has never done before. While the donations received through the VideoLAN association (a French non-profit organization) allow us to purchase testing devices, attend and prepare conferences, and pay for servers, employing developers on a contract base would be beyond its current capabilities. This Kickstarter program will make it possible to do such contracts.

Read more about it here. Find the kick starter page here.

via: Edbott

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