VLC for Windows Phone still on the way, but only after WP 8.1


12, 2014

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imageVideoLan just published the long-awaited VLC for Windows 8.

We are all however still waiting for the Windows Phone version.  Neowin spoke to Jean-Baptiste Kempf on that and other issues.

Regarding the Windows Phone version he said:

How long will it take until the promised Windows Phone version is available?

We already have a design for WP8, and a working proof of concept. But the issue of Windows RT applies in the exact same way, aka compiling for ARM. We might need to be a WP8.1 app though, for performance reasons, notably for the SwapChainBackgroundPanel control. I don’t think this will be an issue, since Nokia said that all Lumias will upgrade. But I will know more after Build Conference, when we get access to WP8.1 SDK. Once again, thanks for the support, and we hope people enjoy this beta, and we’ll listen to polite feature requests as much as we can.

The compiler issues are due to Visual Studio 2013 not being able to compile VLC.

Jean-Baptiste writes:

The reason is that VS2013 cannot compile VLC, because of the lack of correct support of C99. To compile VLC for WinRT on ARM, aka Windows RT and Windows Phone, we have only two ways: fix gcc-binutils for Windows on ARM or patch VLC and work-around VS2013 bugs. We’re trying both at the moment, but we don’t know yet the best way. Once VLC is compiled, the app can be released. I will know more about this before the end of the month.

So it looks like we are in for a bit of a wait – one for the compilation issues to be sorted, and the next to wait for Windows Phone 8.1.

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