VizAge Updated to V1.2

VizAge has just been updated to Version 1.2 – this update corrects the error that was preventing users with Lumia 900 and HTC Titan devices using the front facing camera.

If you haven’t yet uncovered VizAge in the marketplace – it’s a beautifully designed and innovative app that attempts to predict your age using the latest facial recognition technology. You can expect an app that’s a lot of fun and that’s capable of delivering some surprisingly accurate results!

Since launching a couple of weeks ago, VizAge has had over 4,500 photos uploaded and over 45 worldwide reviews with an average of  4.2/5. We have also been able to find a replacement facial recognition service for when the API shuts down in October so the app will continue to function!

Here’s just a few of the reviews we’ve had so far:

“Blow away by the accuracy, not gonna lie, was a sceptic ’til I did everyone in the office and it proved correct 7/8 times!”

“Application looks awesome superb UX”

“Absolutely beautiful”

To pick up the free trial scan the code below or head to