At MWC 2020, Vivo was expected to showcase the Apex 2020 concept phone. However, the company later confirmed its intention to not attend the event just days before GSMA cancelled the event altogether.

While we wait for the company to reveal the device, Vivo has released a new video which gives us a peek at Apex 2020 concept phone. As expected, the phone is more of a concept rather right now. The video does give us a look at the numerous features Vivo managed to pack into the phone.

Vivo Apex 2020 will come with a 6.45-inch “fullview edgeless” which wraps around the body of the phone. Like last year’s Apex phone, the Apex 2020 has no ports and supports 60W super-fast wireless charging. The company claims that it could charge the phone in just 20 minutes.

Vivo has also managed to integrate the front camera inside the display so the Apex 2020 doesn’t have a visible notch on the top. Vivo has added a 16 MP camera on the top for selfies. On the back, Vivo has a 48 MP camera which has “continuous optical zoom.” The rear camera includes a 5x-7.5x continuous optical zoom on the Apex 2020’s rear camera, which sounds like it could push past the 5x optical telephoto lenses on the Huawei P30 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra. The company has also managed to improve OIS with something Vivo is calling “gimbal-like structure”.

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While this is all impressive, the Apex 2020 will just be another concept phone that won’t ever show up in the market. That said, the phone does bring some impressive innovations to the table, just like OnePlus’s Concept One phone. We do, however, expect other phone manufacturers to take notes and maybe use these innovations down the road. For instance, the original Apex phone had pop-up cameras. While it never saw the light of the day, the phone inspired the now common pop-up camera system on smartphones.

Via The Verge